• San Blas

San Blas and La Tovara Tour

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Price: $700

On the way to San Blas we’ll explore the beautiful scenery, stop at a fruit and candy stand and make our way to La Tovara for a scenic tour of the sanctuary. Here we’ll see amazing wildlife, such as birds, turtles, crocodiles and amazing flora and fauna. Next we’ll go to a crocodile farm, have a drink at a jungle restaurant and then visit a Spanish Fort with a magnificent view of San Blas and the Pacific Ocean, then lunch on a great beach.

San Blas/La Tovara
San Blas and La Tovara Tour

San Blas was founded in Spanish colonial times.

Private San Blas, rate per vehicle (not per person) Price (USD) Duration Day

Small Sprinter max 10. passengers

Suburban max. 6 passengers

Large Sprinter max. 17 passengers




$ 950

10-11 hours Monday – Friday

Weekends upon request

Rate is per vehicle, not per person! If your group is larger than 17 passengers email us to ask for group rates.

Included in private tour:

Transportation, bilingual certified guide, bottled water.

Not Included:

Lunch, personal expenses, gratuities, boat trip, entrance to Fort.

San Blas and la Tovara Tour

This has been our most popular tour for many years for nature lovers. We leave in the morning and head North, to the State of Nayarit. San Blas is about two and a half hours from Puerto Vallarta. Upon arrival we will board small boats and will make a boat trip through “La Tovara” spring. The area is very extensive and full of natural canals that flow through the jungle to Matanchen Bay in the Pacific Ocean.

The vegetation is lush and full of tropical plants: you will see giant ferns and mangroves. Also, there is a diverse wildlife including crocodiles, turtles, jaguars, ocelots, armadillos, and a large variety of birds and fish. We will stop at the crocodile farm, little crocodiles that are born there will eventually be put back in the river. The population of the crocodile has increased the last years, thanks to this project of the University of Guadalajara. During the boat ride ( boat ride not included in the rate, aprox 200 pesos per person) we will make another stop at a jungle restaurant where you can have something to drink. After the boat ride, we will head to the village.

San Blas was founded in Spanish colonial times and was one of the two main ports in the Pacific the Vice royalty of New Spain. We will visit the fort, which has been the administration office of the Spaniards. The view is amazing; pirates did not have much change not to been seen in those times. Right now, an estimated 45.000 people live in San Blas. They mainly live of fishing and tourism. The village is known for the excellent shrimps that you can eat there. The song “El muelle de San Blas” from the famous group Maná is about a myth of a woman from San Blas, that waits for her husband to come back after his fishing trip. She has waited there for years….

Also, the village is known for the fishermen that sailed out a couple of years ago, who have been found alive 9 months later close to the Marshall Islands. So, there is still hope for the woman of the song! Join us on this unforgettable tour, especially for nature lovers!

  • THANK YOU Daniel! You are the most enthusiastic, sincere and humble guide we ever met. Throughout the entire tour you were constantly pointing out different things about the culture, the crops, and the people. We started out by riding the Van to the quaint town where you explained the history and the area. We also got to try fresh tortillas out of the machine. They were so warm, fresh and tasted like a tortilla should taste (not the preservative added crap you get in the grocery store).

    Karen and Andrew, San Fransisco, CA