Your Tour Guide.

We are very aware that a guide can make or break your vacation. At Superior Tours, we have selected by far the best guides in the whole country. All of our tour guides are licensed by the Administration of Tourism, after an extensive course at the local University, and have many years of experience. Besides that, all of them still take courses at least several weeks a year, where they learn even more about History, Biology, languages etc. All of them speak perfectly English and most of them even a third or fourth language. They all have a first aid diploma for your safety. We do not allow our guides to take you to jewelery stores etc, as we know your time is valuable.

Your driver

All of our drivers have a Federal Drivers License, which is the highest category in Mexico. They have to take knowledge tests and medical exams at least every two years. We are proud to work with the best drivers of Vallarta. Most of our drivers speak English and have a mechanical background.

Astrid van Dam and her team