Dolphins in the Bay

All over the world, recreational water parks offer dolphin and human interactions as part of their experiences. Although entertaining and enjoyable, the interaction is imposed on the dolphins who have no other choice but to obey. However human- wild dolphin interactions occur naturally, you have probably heard some stories about that. It’s time to create your own story!

Swimming with Dolphins in the bay

Dolphins in the Bay Encounter


 Private Tour Small boat Day Price (USD) Duration
6 persons max. Daily $595 USD 4 hours


 Private Tour larger boat Day Price (USD) Duration
12 persons max. Daily $895 USD 4 hours


Included in the shared tour:
snacks and soft beverages are provided as well as the necessary snorkeling gear.

Tours available in Spanish and English.

Swimming with non-captive Dolphins in the Bay

Very few places offer  dolphin-human interactions in open water. Banderas Bay, where Puerto Vallarta is located, is one of those natural environments where bottlenose dolphins live year round. Besides bottlenose, we might run into spinner dolphins or spotted dolphins as well.

Our marine biologist has been interacting with bottlenose dolphins families since many years.  You’ll be introduced to the family and witness how the dolphins freely play with everybody in the water. The dolphin swims are always conducted with respect and awareness. We do not feed, chase or do anything that might alter their natural behavior. We interact with them at their own invitation.

We go out on the boat to connect and swim with dolphins in their natural environment. We offer you a small group retreat, for you to let go and simply relax while also connecting with nature. On this 4 hours experience, you will be joined by no more than 7 fellow adventurers, a snack and soft beverages are provided as well as the necessary snorkeling gear. We will have a hydrophone to be able to listen dolphins communicating, and needless to say, we are ready to answer any question you may have about the marine environment and its inhabitants.

Swimming with non-captive dolphins is a life-changing experience. Not only will you enjoy spending some time in the water with dolphins, creating unforgettable memories but you will also learn many interesting facts about these magnificent animals. At Superior Tours Vallarta, we strongly believe that free dolphins are happy dolphins. Allow us to share this with you, sign up for this wonderful and unique experience.