Highlights of Yucatan

The Highlights of the Yucatan Peninsula

Yucatan, famous for the stunning beaches, Archeological Sites, Haciendas, and of course the Mayan Population. Ah, and the food! Yes, probably the best food of Mexico is originally from the Peninsula. Panuchos, Queso Relleno, Sopa de Lima and Poc Chuc… you just have to try it. On this trip our guide will show you all highlights of this amazing part of Mexico. If you have not been to Yucatan, you have not been to Mexico!

Day 1
Flight  Puerto Vallarta – Cancun

Upon arrival we head to Playa del Carmen

Day 2
Tulum & Chetumal

Along the Carribean Sea .

Day 3
Mayan Museum & Calakmul

Visit the Mayan Museum.

Day 4

The Jungle of the Peninsula

Day 5
Uxmal & Merida

World Heritage Site.

Day 6
Hacienda Tour

Colorful, Magic Village

Day 7
Chichen Itza

Magestic archelogical site.

Day 8
Merida – Puerto Vallarta

Back to Vallarta.

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 1399USD 8 days
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Private Package
  • If these dates don´t work out for you, we can also arrange a private tour for your group. Just send us the dates that you are interested, the number of people and we will customize something for you. You can leave any day, based on availability. Museums are closed on Mondays

Included in the tour:

  • Ground transportation in A/C van or Sprinter
  • Local bilingual guide
  • 7 nights lodging: 1 in Playa del Carmen, 1 in Chetumal, 1 in Calakmul, 1 in Campeche and 3 in Merida
  • Visit and Entrance Fees to all sites mentioned in the tour description
  • 7 breakfasts

Not included in the tour:

  • Meals
  • Gratuities
  • Travel Insurance
  • flights to get to Cancun, or to leave from Merida.
  • Expenses of personal nature or any other expenses not mentioned in the above cost

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The Highlights of the Yucatan Peninsula

Our newest tour is certainly not a new tour for our guide Damian, who is also an Archeologist, he has worked in one of the Archeoligical sites that we visit during this tour. You could not be in better hands than with Superior Tours to explore the Hightlights of the Yucatan Peninsula. Visit the States Quintana Roo, Campeche and Yucatan in a trip of a liftime!

Day one: Flight Puerto Vallarta-Cancun, via Mexico City.

Upon arrival to Cancun, we will move to Playa del Carmen . Once there you’ll have time to relax from the trip.

Day two: Playa del Carmen-Tulum-Bacalar and Chetumal

Today we visit the Archeological site of Tulum, the only Mayan Site in Mexico that is right on the beach of the blue Carribean Sea. The Mayan City from the Post-Classic Period, might not be the most impressive site that we visit, however the combination of the Site with the Turquiose sea behind it makes it a visit to remember. After our visit to Tulum we will head more South, and make a stop along the Laguna of Bacalar, better known as the Laguna of the 7 colors. One night in Chetumal

Day three: Museum at Chetumal-Calakmul

We start the day with a visit to the Maya Museum, built in 3 levels, gives us a wonderful opportunity to explain all about the Mayans before the Spaniards conquisted the country. The interactive Mayan Calendar, their counting system and how they used the olive. We will also see the maquetes of the diverse sites that we will visit during this tour, will give you a great opportunity what to expect to see during the rest of the trip. We travel very close to the border with Belize today, through the most Southern Part of the Mexican Part of the Yucatan Peninsula. We continue to Xpujil where we will stay the night.

Day four: Calakmul-Campeche

Our first activity is a visit to the Archeological site of Calakmul, this takes several hours and is one of the most interesting sites in Mexico. Calakmul is one of the least visited Archeological Sites, however it is by far one of the most impressive! While our guide explains all, you might have a chance to hear howler monkeys and many species of birds. Then we continue to Campeche.  By the way, Saturday night in Campeche is a must, you have to play bingo on the square). Night at Campeche

Day five: Tour in Campeche-Uxmal-Merida

Campeche city tour, this city suffered from many pirate attacks in the past, therefore they decided to surround the City with a Wall. The walled part is currently the Historic Center and a very colorful, peaceful area. Listed by the Unesco as a World Heritage Site, Campeche is a quiet, historic town with amazing architecture. The people of Campeche are some of the friendliest of the country, and their cuisine is outstanding! Make sure you try Coconut Shrimp, which is originally from here, you will not get them better than in Campeche.

Then we will take the Puuc-Route. “Puuc”, which means hill in Mayan, is an area with hundreds of sites. Uxmal is by far the most famous and most interesting to visit. The Mayans succeeded to build a city here with hardly any water around. As there are no rivers in this area, the Mayans had to build water reservoirs to be able to survive the whole year with the water that fell during rainy season. Lack of water might be the main reason why this city was abandoned. The Pyramid of the Dwarf, the Great Pyramid and the Governor Building are just a few highlights that you will see today. After our tour to Uxmal we will head to the Capital of Yucatan; Merida where we will spend 3 nights.

Day six: Hacienda Sotuta de Peon

Famous for their Sisal Production, the Haciendas of the surroundings of Merida made this one of the richest areas in Mexico. In fact, during the best years of Sisal productions, the City had more millionaires than New York or Paris. Hacienda Sotuta de Peon brings you back in time! We will witness the production of the Sisal, visit a Cenote (bring your swimwear today!) and will see on of the best restored Haciendas of the Country. Not to be missed! In the afternoon we will visit the Mayan Museum in Merida. Merida City Tour

Day seven: Tour to Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is probably one of the most famous Sites of Mexico, and thus the most visited.  As many people have already visited this Site, we made this as an optional tour. You decide whether you prefer to stay in the City and visit the markets, or if you come with us on this tour. Night at Merida

Day 8 Flight Merida-Puerto Vallarta via Mexico City or Toluca.

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