Enjoy Bahia de Banderas and its splendor starting in Vallarta around 9am, depending on your pick up place. Our first stop is Las Juntas, where we will have a walking tour for you to visit the main plaza, the church and locally owned shops like a tortilla factory, a butchery and more. Many of the workers of the hotels live in this area, so you can really see how people live! Then we will take the old passage from Bucerias to Valle de Banderas where you will see the main activity of the area: Agriculture. Crop after crop you’ll learn what is needed and how people work in the field. Depending on the season we might see crops of watermelon, papaya, chilly, rice, corn, mango and pineapple among others. Even though this is relatively close to the tourist towns, when driving here it seems so far away! We will stop at Valle de Banderas town on the way, the main village of the area. After that we head to "Boca de Tomates" a beach not yet discovered by the tourist, but very popular by the locals, where you can have a real local lunch. Our suggestion is "Pescado Zarandeado", Red Snapper so freshly prepared, that you first have to get into the kitchen to see it. (lunch not included but very reasonable priced)

From July to December, we have the opportunity to see these animals and marvel at their beauty, during their reproduction and nesting cycle. In general, the release program starts in July, and ends by January (of course this all depends on Nature). During this period professional biologists and certified volunteers patrol the beaches 24 hours, to collect the eggs and transfer them to a secure area. On this tour, you will be able to learn about the sea turtles, the turtle camp projects and you will be part of these too, since you will help us release turtle hatching into the wild.

Join our naturlist guide on this amazing tour! From December 07 - March 23 From late November to late March, hundreds of Humpback whales migrate down from the cold waters of the North Pacific Ocean to our less cold waters. They enter Banderas Bay to mate, breed and nurse. You will be guided into the wonders of whales, by our biologist with a Masters Degree in Marine Ecology. Our boats are small because this is the best way to get close to the animals, to move faster and to avoid disturbing them too much. Join us!

Pto. Vallarta is a great destination for sports fishing: Jack, Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Tuna! Beginners or experienced fisherman will have a great time out.

All over the world, recreational water parks offer dolphin and human interactions as part of their experiences. Although entertaining and enjoyable, the interaction is imposed on the dolphins who have no other choice but to obey. However human- wild dolphin interactions occur naturally, you have probably heard some stories about that. It’s time to create your own story!