Meet our Superior Team!

Superior Tours Vallarta ® , founded in 2007, quickly became the number one Tour/Travel/Tranportation Company in Puerto Vallarta. Since several years we are the Number One Transportation service on Tripadvisor in Puerto Vallarta.  Everybody in our team has many years  of experience in organizing (customized) Tours and Transportation, and within our team we speak 6 different languages fluently.

Meet our team from our face to face office (Old Town)

Astrid van Dam, owner SuperiorToursVallarta
Astrid van Dam, Founder
Astrid was born in the Netherlands and was raised in a family that has always worked in the airline and tourism industry. Since she was old enough to write, she was already helping her parents with their business. Astrid has traveled with her parents and independently on hundreds of trips all over the world. After studying at the famous Dutch Hotel Management School she worked for a well known Dutch Publisher. Her job required her to, anonymously, visit hotels all over the world and then report back on their quality and service. While on a holiday in 1999 she fell in love with Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and subsequently moved there.
Astrid is multi-lingual, fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish and German, and a certified guide by SECTUR ( administration of Tourism in Mexico)  since 2001. From 2000 until 2010 she travelled for an average of 9 months a year through Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras guiding groups herself. In 2011 Astrid was responsible for the transportation of all athletes, trainers and everybody else involved during the 2011 Pan American Games in Puerto Vallarta.
She now runs the Sales office in Vallarta and is responsible for all overnight tours, ticketing, contracts and Public Relations. As a guide, she is specialized in tours to Guadalajara, The Copper Canyon, Mexico City and the South Eastern part of Mexico.

See Astrid, featured in Vallarta Lifestyles with an article about Best Cultural Connection to Greater Mexico



Thalia Martinez, Reservations Manager & Eco experiences guide
Thalia was born in Mexico City, starting as an amateur naturalist from a young age and later on dedicating her school years in the study of life, Thalia became a biologist. The ocean and marine life had always fascinated her, so she decided to pursue her studies in that area and earned her Master’s degree in Marine Ecology, specializing in marine mammal behavior. She is also a tourist guide certified by the Board of Tourism in Mexico, holds a “first responder” international certification, speaks fluently 3 languages, Spanish, French and English, but has also taken Italian and German lessons. She grabs every available opportunity to jump on a car, bus, train, or boat to travel. She has visited most of Mexico and has been to the USA, Canada, Cuba, Costa Rica and several countries in Europe. She enjoys sharing her experiences and teaching, therefore as she entered the world of tourism, she found the perfect opportunity to get in touch with other cultures, to teach and learn while having fun while respecting nature. At Superior Tours Vallarta, she found great motivations and strong principles that allowed her to share her knowledge while making the most of hobbies and her natural and professional abilities, as well as to help people get the best possible time out of their holidays….


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Erik Koning, Day Tour Consultant

Erik Koning, born in Amsterdam the Netherlands (a little over half a century ago), holds a bachelor degree in “Flower arrangement art” and started his own flower-business in 1980, but then found out that travelling was more fun! He decided to sell his business and started to travel, first all around Europe and then jumped over the Atlantic and landed in Mexico, where he felt in love with Puerto Vallarta (acutally more like fell in love with his wife), ever since(1997) he is happily living in our beautiful city.

His life took a turn as he entered the world of tourism, first as a tour guide, then working on Public relations,and finally setteling as a Sales Manager and Promoter of Puerto Vallarta. He is 100% dedicated to assist our guests in making the right choices when visiting Vallarta and surroundings. Erik is our local tour specialist (he also makes the best coffee in the office). Step in our office, you will surely have a good time just talking to him (just do not get into Soccer -you’ll never leave the office).


Meet our team from our Operational Office/Airport location.


Rosario Cabrera, Transportation Manager

Born in Puerto Vallarta, she studied Tourism Business Administration, and has been working in the tourism industry for many years. She lived in Cancun for 5 months working at a travel agency, but soon decided that Vallarta was a better place. At Superior Tours Vallarta, she has the chance to visit different places: Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Michoacan, Sinaloa, Nayarit; but her favorit is the magnifiscent Copper Canyon! She dreams to visit Europe, the USA and Cuba…As hard working as she is, she might be going sooner than later!

She enjoys assisting people that visit Vallarta, and making our guests feel comfortable, by arranging airport transfers, private services and more. Do not hesitate to ask her for tips, she will gladly help.



Daniel Martínez Nuño, Certified Tourist Guide

Daniel has been working as a guide for many years and speaks perfectly English. He is a dedicated vegetarian, and likes to do all kind of local, regional and national tours, in fact he has no limits! If you are looking to attend to an specific spot in any place in Mexico, he is the right person to take you! Meet Daniel and tell us your experience with him! One of our best selfie shooter!


Virginia Rodriguez, Certified Tourist Guide
Vicky is our guide based in Mexico City, and thus responsible for our tours there. Born and raised in the Capital of Mexico, she knows the City better than anybody else. Vicky studied History at the University of Mexico City, and has been an official tourist Guide for over 15 years. She has many years of experience of guiding tours of 8, 15 and up to 22 days through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica. Vicky speaks Spanish, French, Dutch and English. Recently she became a mother of a beautiful daughter, but loves guiding so much that she made a good combination between guiding and being a mother. 


Damian Alvarez
Damian Alvarez, Certified Tourist Guide

Damian is our guide based in Chiapas. Originally from Mexico City, Damian has lived most of his life in different states of Mexico, due to his career as an Archaeologist. He is highly interested in local indigenous and agrarian societes, as well as historical and prehispanic cities. He is a tour-guide specialized in Puebla, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Tabasco, Yucatan, Campeche and Quintana Roo, having a 6-year experience leading tours on those regions, both in English and Spanish. His knowledge is indescribable to say the least!

 Mary Curiel, Airport representative manager

The first person and smile that you’ll see when travelling to Vallarta. She is our own airport angel, who will do everything in her power to make sure that your vacation in Vallarta starts off magically. Mary has been woking in tourism for 106 years (not a typo!), so she defines experience and good service.  



Jessica, Paula, Ana, Ricardo, Carlos, Carlos, Juan, Juan, Sergio, Rigoberto, Juan Manuel &  Archie
They will take care of Superior Tours guests from the moment they arrive to the airport and during our day tours. Always smiling, with a bottle of water in their hands for all clients. They will handle your airport transfer as fast as possible, so that you can enjoy your first Margarita on the beach few minutes after your arrival at the hotel. Some of our drivers are also Certified Tour guides and will be very glad to take you on a City Tour, San Sebastian or Sayulita for example, if you have a bit more time for Sight Seeing.

“To be able show our guests the country that I fell in love with in ’99 is a privilege, not an ordinary job, especially with all the professionals that work at Superior Tours Vallarta.”
~Astrid Van Dam- Founder Superior Tours Vallarta ®

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