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We can’t breathe under water (some of us wish we could), but we can discover part of the underwater world thanks to snorkeling and scuba diving gear. What better way to explore a bit of that majestic environment and learn about the wonders of the deep blue, than with a marine biologist. Thalia, our marine expert will guide you in this adventure. She’ll be there to explain about the environment, let you know about the species that we will be seeing and make sure that everybody enjoys the activity while doing it safely (she’s also a certified lifeguard).

Sorkeling Tour
Snorkeling Tour

Banderas Bay offers different areas to explore either snorkeling or scuba diving. Superior Tours marine expert recommends two areas to have the excursion.

Snorkeling Tour Rates Los Arcos Day Price (USD) Duration
  • Adults
  • Children under 12
Daily $75 USD 4 hours
Daily $56 USD 4 hours


Snorkeling Tour Rates Yelapa Day Price (USD) Duration
  • Adults
  • Children  4 to 12
daily $85 USD* 6 hours
daily $75 USD* 6 hours


Private Snorkeling Tour Rates Day Price (USD) Duration
  • Los Arcos, 10 pers max
  • Yelapa, 10 pers max
Daily $545 USD 4 hours
Daily $630 USD* 6 hours

During whale watching season, these tours may encounter some whales on the way. 

Included in the shared tour:

snorkeling gear, snacks and beverages.

Not included:
Entrance port fee (25-40 pesos per person)


Snorkeling Tour

Did you know that the oceans occupy 99% of the living space on the planet, but less than 10% of that space has been explored by humans?

Banderas Bay offers different areas to explore either snorkeling or scuba diving. Superior Tours marine expert recommends two areas to have the excursion.

Los Arcos.
The name translates into “The Arches”, one of the iconic sites of Puerto Vallarta. The place is a three rocks formation to the south side of the bay on the way to Mismaloya. Arches are indeed present, and swimming through these natural tunnels is a must do! This place has a beautiful scenery above and under water and is filled with an incredible biodiversity (fish, reptiles and birds). One of the deepest points of the bay, called the Devil’s Canyon, is there and it’s great for diving. Los Arcos is a protected area and no anchoring nor fishing is allowed nearby. Different species of marine life enjoy the safety and productivity of the waters. You might spot some angelfish, sergeant majors, damselfish, rainbow, gobies, eels, star fish, puffers, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, giant manta rays, and many more.

Las Yelapa
You will be able to spot the peculiar blue-footed booby (thought to inhabit only at the Galapagos Islands) as well as frigate bird, pelicans, herons and many other resident and migratory birds. Once in the water, you’ll observe many types of marine animals interacting with their natural environment.Visit a waterfall and other beaches along the way (LAs ANimas/ Majahuitas)

Our boat is 27 feet long and has a bathroom on board. Snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel and flippers) is provided as well as beverages (water, juice and soda) and snacks (cookies, peanuts or chips). The boat has a roof covering 3/4 of the boat, a ladder to get on the boat after the snorkeling activity and life vests for each passenger.

Interested to explore a little deeper? Ask us about our diving expeditions.

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