Purr project

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Price: $20

Visit the Purr Project Cat Ranch

Visit the Purr Project
Purr Project Charity Tour

Vist the Purr Project Ranch in rural Mexico!

Shared Tour Rates Day Price Duration
  • Min. 4 passengers
Wednesday* $400 pesos per person 4 hours

*This tour operates on the following dates:


22nd November
6th December
20th December
 January 3rd, 17th, and 31st
February 14th and 28th
March 14th and 28th

Transportation, guiding, and bottled water. All proceeds go to the Purr Project.

This tour is back around 1 pm

On this tour, the volunteers of the Purr Project take you to rural Mexico, where many cats have been rescued from a miserable life on the streets. Needless to say, this ranch needs your help and by participating on this tour, you directly help the cats!

Interested in this tour? Please read the following, written by the Purr Volunteers:

Dear PuRR Visitors!
We are delighted you are interested in the tour of our facility! Here’s everything you need to know about visiting the PuRR Ranch:
You must have A CONFIRMED seat on the PuRR Van!


Contact Bob Doelger at visit@purrproject.com or land line at 322 178 55 41

We need to know 1) The name of all guests, 2) How you are paying, 3) Your choice of pick-up location and 4) Local hotel or phone number

A reservation is $300 pesos per person if you pay on the van and $20 US dollars if you pay on-line by PayPal.

Go to  http://www.purrproject.com/shelter-visits/ and click on the PayPal button….. and be sure to put under “notes” the date you are reserving.

Please respect the fact that space is limited.  If you reserve and do not show, that means we have an empty seat and a lost donation.

DEPARTURE LOCATIONS and TIMES: (If you are not there ON TIME, we will assume you decided not to go).
9.00AM Superior Tours Office in Plaza Romy (Calle: Ignacio L. Vallarta 228- meet in the courtyard)

9:20 AM VIPS WALMART/LIVERPOOL (Meet in front of VIPS)

9:45 AM WALMART NUEVO VALLARTA. (Meet in parking lot in front of AUTO ZONE)

Look for a White Van or SUV with the PuRR Project logo on the door

-Are there washroom facilities at the ranch?
Yes! The ranch is in RURAL Mexico. Our plumbing is very sensitive. If you put paper in the toilet, you will have to use the cat box next time you come out! MEOW!!! Try to GO before you go!

-What’s included in our reservation?
Luxury air conditioned van, licensed tour guide/driver, PuRR volunteer assistant on board, Bottled water, kitty food, RT transportation to the ranch (approximately 30 miles from PV). Your donation also covers many expenses at the ranch: food, medicine, sterilization, adoptions and more.

Plus…..back by popular demand…. after the shelter tour, we make a short stop in the charming colonial town of San Jose del Valle to visit the zocalo, shop and if you are hungry, try some of the tastiest tacos in Banderas Bay!

-What do we do when we get there?
• Get familiar with the ranch. Your PuRR guide will give you an orientation upon arrival.
• Pet and bond with kitties! Some cats will never be adopted…you are their human contact.
• WASH HANDS OFTEN. Sanitizers are in every area! It helps keep any illness issues from beginning or spreading.
• Enjoy the beautiful setting! (When the cats lose interest in us and start napping; that’s when we depart!)

-What’s the Ranch like?
The 135-150+ cats and kittens live harmoniously on approximately 1/2 acre of lush gardens, shade trees, and sheltered areas. There are no cages; only “casitas” for the quarantined, kittens, acclimated, and new intakes. It is located in the farming region of Nayarit and not easy to find on your own. No signs. Dirt roads. It’s an adventure getting there! It is off the beaten “tourist” path so be ready to experience “real” Mexico!

-Can we feed the kitties?
Of course! They expect it! The kitties are on a special diet and we will provide food for you to feed them. They will be elated to see you (and your treats) so get your cameras ready for the “flash mob!”
We will show you around the facility then turn you loose to “bond, pet, and enjoy” our cat family!

• Wear “fur friendly” clothing and sturdy walking shoes. All flat ground but “rural”.
• Bring your camera!
• Shuffle slowly and try not to step on anyone’s tail.
• Shut doors behind you. Some cats are segregated for a reason.
• Wash your hands with sanitizer often, especially before/after going in the casitas.
• Make friends with the shy. You are helping us make them more adoptable.
• If you find a cat you want to take home; we can complete the process!
• Cats can easily go back to the US and Canada!

Cats pick YOU, you don’t pick THEM. Sit in a chair and see who sits in your lap! A few cats may have harmless skin issues. They are not contagious. Avoid petting any treated skin areas. Again, they are NOT contagious and love to be petted! You can also “virtually adopt” a kitty on our website if you can’t take one home.


The facility is located in the small village of Porvenir and on a dirt road that can be difficult to navigate in heavy rains.  In the unlikely event that we must cancel due to weather, it is IMPORTANT that we have local contact information for you, either cell phone or hotel number & room.  We will contact you by 8:00 pm the night before if we must cancel and will try to reschedule for the first acceptable day.

1) “LIKE” PuRR Project Puerto Vallarta on FaceBook and follow along with our progress and updates on our “extremely fun” fund raising activities! MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON OUR EMAIL LIST TOO!
2) Write a review about your visit on TRIP ADVISOR through “SUPERIOR TOURS VALLARTA” and add your pictures. The more people who know about us the more donations and new friends we acquire!
3) Attend our Kitty Bingo games and other PuRR fundraisers.
Send us your email address and we’ll keep you informed of events!
4) Virtually adopt a kitty who probably won’t get a “forever home.”
GOOGLE: “PuRR Project Puerto Vallarta” for more information
5) Want to help the kitties more?
We also accept pet toys, Costco Kirkland Cat Food, Frontline products, Diatomaceous Earth (food grade only), non clumping kitty litter, and of course… Did we mention, MONEY? Money feeds kitties! Your donations are most important to us and greatly appreciated!

We are thankful for supporters like YOU who believe in no-kill cat shelters like ours!
You’ll see how well adjusted our kitties are thanks to YOUR donations and volunteering to visit them!
If you need HELP or have more QUESTIONS!

Contact Bob Doelger in Puerto Vallarta at 044 (322) 156-6024 cell
Contact Pam Sullivan from US or Canada Toll Free VONAGE: (512) 847-2215

Or E-mail us directly at visit@purrproject.com